Managed Security Services

Security Technologies

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Security Testing

We’re a cybersecurity and compliance consulting firm focused on cybersecurity strategy, technology, and business transformation.


Platforms & Apps

Being tested and scanned, assisting organizations to minimization the risk of exposure and support their digital journeys

Endpoints & Servers

Protected and monitored 24x7 to ensure security of organizations

Individuals and Defenders

Been trained and qualified in different levels of cybersecurity knowledge & awareness

Combine all your cybersecurity standards and compliance mandates in one effort.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that all their regulatory and compliance needs are mapped into one common security standard. Avoiding to replicate evidence collection and having one remediation fix that complies with all those standards.
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State-of-the-art managed security services.

Whether you’re challenged with overcoming skills shortages, fighting new threats or are looking for more efficiency, Cyber Correlate Managed Security Services helps you strengthen your environment quickly and become more resilient over time.